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Express Yourself With WordPress

WordPress is a content management system which has given each and every user the freedom to express and write. Blogging is the new way of expressing your thoughts and ideas with the world and thus WordPress provides it to its users. WordPress allows hiding the code and making it simple for the developers to develop their websites. Various features of WordPress makes it popular and leading blogging site in the world. WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike little and released publicly on May 27, 2003. It includes the languages PHP and My SQL being used also is a fee to sign in and open an account. As you have an app along with its website similar is WordPress. The version that can be downloaded is and the site or service is

What WordPress provides?


Themes available are free and premium. Themes enable you to change the look of your website whenever you want to. Themes can be changed as per the user’s decisions and without even touching the code. Premium themes need to be bought by paying to WordPress. If the user wants to create his or her own theme this is also an enabled function provided by WordPress. The Appearance tool dashboard enables changing and modifying of the themes in your page and site.


WordPress is a game and plugins are the cheat codes if know how and where to use them well then you will be the ultimate winner. WordPress has moreover 50,316 plugins available. WordPress gives you the opportunity to add and create your own plugin also. Plugins are the add-ons and customization to increase the performance of your blog and website.


Desktop mode is good but what about the mobile view. WordPress has been developed and released for mobile. For the operating systems like IOS and Android WordPress versions are released.


WordPress provides you to know the product well in and out. It enables this via forums and documentation. The support page tells you in detail and step by step the process to install WordPress and how to make the most out of it.


WordPress allows you as a user to help them in their beta testing where you can become a tester and give the feedback about the bugs and how can the version released can be improved and what changes it needs.

Local SEO Services helps in Optimizing Your Website

Local SEO services for your website make it possible to be ranked high with local searches. Any business has the intention to develop and such businesses value the importance of reaching to potential customers in the place they are and in such places the local SEO helps. Imagining the local customers will come to your store directly to get your services or a product always is not possible. Nowadays, customers select the specific cities, country or state to get select results relevant to their need, where they are heading or they are located. So, having local SEO service company like Driven Web Services has its benefits in identifying and attracting customers providing them more details.

Benefit of local SEO services

It promotes among your local customers the brand visibility and this is good as they can reach to you conveniently without the worry of the delay in delivery or the distance.

Local SEO services boosts brand popularity in the locality, country or the state you are located. Locally you become highly popular that you can expect more traffic and enjoy the benefits of the services of local seo.

It is easier to find products or services for any last minute shopper and there are no time restrictions. As the local seo keeps working, one is assured they can find you fast and the service also ensures the possibility to tap this into a confirmed result.

Optimizing your website means you start building trust among the local customers and thus you start developing familiarity of your brand. In this way the loyal customers reach you better with complete trust. You are able to get this exactly as you tap the local search engine for optimization. The international markets are equally important, but you cannot afford to skip the local business that is going on. This means you give the best to local customers as they are closer to you.

Local Seo saves from fighting with competitions. Outside there are many businesses and companies to fight for to get a competitive edge. However, as you embrace the local seo, the competition level is reduced to a great extent. You need to put your foot forward so that you increase the foot traffic and promote the ranking to attain best results. In this way, you can narrow and side track the competition and ensure the success rates with local SEO Services.


Generating and maintaining traffic to your blog is not just about SEOs or great content (which are needful by the way). To really maintain continuous traffic, you must convert every visitor into a loyal fan (who eventually become paying customers). How do you do this? Simple! Give them more great content and find a way to keep them on your site longer. The key to doing this is to make your site as easy to make your website as easy to navigate as possible, so that your readers can easily find what they are looking for.

The best way to keep your readers moving all around your website and keep them reading your articles is by showcasing related content either at the end of your articles or as internal links within the articles. The problem with the latter is that as your articles grow in volume, it becomes increasingly difficult to link internally, but you can always display as many related articles as possible at the end of your articles. Below are some of the best related-post plugins for WordPress.

  1. Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP): This is indeed one of the most utilized free related-post plugin for WordPress powered websites, as it currently boasts over 3.4 million users. This plugin gives you the ability to link to your older but relevant articles, either on the sidebar or at the very bottom of your article.

    Depending on your preference, you can also choose between the thumbnail view and the list view. The plugin has an impressive algorithm that automatically selects and suggest related articles based on the content of the body, the title, tags and the categories where the articles are placed.


  1. Contextual Related Posts (CRP): This is another great WordPress plugin and it is also free. It allows you to highlight related posts at the bottom of the content, as well as on the sidebar. It also allows you to do the same at specific points in your article, by using short codes. Aside from this, you can dictate the number of posts you want it to display and how recent you want them to be.


  1. Yuzo: This is also another free related-post plugin. The major problem witnessed when using YARPP and CRP is that they can be very resource-intensive, which makes them slow. With Yuzo however, this problem is completely annihilated. Yuzo, is not only optimized for speed, but also features a slicker design as well as immense customization allowance, that enables you to tweak around a lot of details until you have the perfect display for your specific article.

Having A Professional Website Designer Is Essential

Undeniably, a good site is very helpful to succeed in our fast growing industries nowadays. It provides a lot of benefits to clients and customers. At this point, for most small and medium-sized businesses, one of the most important considerations is to have an excellent yet affordable website design. Website design is crucial to any newly established businesses. It entails various multiple tasks mostly involved in web pages’ structures and formation. However, to have an affordable website design within your budget, the company itself requires a competent and highly qualified web designer that will serve as a guide and a gateway towards a multitude of buyers.  Having a professional web designer is not an expense, but rather a significant investment that will totally generate the profits of any business to stand out in today’s competitive world.


The following are the main reasons why a web designer is necessary:


  1. A web designer serves as a guideto writing and editing the contents of the articles by the use of his/her expertise.
  2. A web designer assists in the design and layout of the internet page.
  3. A web designer helps in the planning of the website.
  4. A web designer helps in defining the requirements of the technical aspects.
  5. A web designer guides in the updates of the sites.
  6. A web designer helps in the creation of backup files.
  7. A web designer assists in the solution of code problems.
  8. A web designer helps in obtaining the domain name and web hosting for the website.
  9. A web designer helps in making the website affordable within your budget.
  10. A web designer gives ideas about free Word Press templates based on the necessity of the




It is imperative to have a web designer. You can have the advantages. These are the significant benefitsof how can a qualified and professional web designer can help you and your well-established business. On the other hand, investment is necessary but having their presence is more significant. The quality of work, the value of money and time and affordability is worthy.


The Relevance Of Online Professional Web Designer Agency

Hiring a competent and experienced online web designer can also be helpful when it comes to the direction of your website developmental needs.

Excellent services are provided to the customers. They are professionals whose field of expertise includes programming, content writing and development of designs, arts, and videos. As a client, having their presence gives you a peace of mind. You receive professional codingfor your website to run smoothly and quickly as possible. They provide advanced website designsfor your site that are affordable. Your money is of great value.

Professional sites are designed no matter what site you run. The company can recommend affordable sites. They can provide developmental tools and knowledge to create a professional webpage. You are securedfrom hackers and other problems with security. Your site is optimized using Search Engine Optimization for greater rankings.

Future needs of the clients can be met. You can save valuable time. You will be provided with guidance and support. Your site will be developed and be fresh and updated. New technologies are being created to suit your needs. Development of templates, blogs, and CMS systems are the typical examples.

You will have a user-friendly website.  It provides several operations that will build good experiences to the users.

Now you already have the ideas of the importance of hiring a website design company. Thus, it will give you a website creation that is cost-effective and readily accessible.

Choosing An Affordadle Web Designer

A good website has become necessary these days for the progress of a business. But for small and medium sized businesses the process of website designing should be within their budget. So in order to get affordable web design you will have to find out an experienced web designing agency or company which can guide you properly in this regard.

Reasons to find a professional web designer

If you or your friend knows how to develop a functional website then there must be solid reason of wasting your funds even on an affordable web designer. In fact spending on an experienced and professional web designer can prove to be an investment for your business. Some of the reasons for which you should find a professional web designer are provided here under for your consideration.

A professional web designing company can:

  • Help in planning your website according to your requirements
  • Help you in writing articles for your website by using your expertise
  • Help in making your website more affordable by reducing its pages
  • Help in getting some web hosting for your website
  • Help in buying a domain name for your website
  • Help in getting ideas of free WordPress templates according to your needs

In this way by working one day with an experienced professional designer you can get full value of your money invested on him. You can tell them what is required by you and they can manage everything accordingly to make your web design more affordably and time saving.

Benefits of finding online experienced website designer agency

You can get guidance about developing your website within your budget by hiring an online experienced web designer company or agency. Even if you have developed your website yourself then you can use their platform for adding their customized search engine coding or new features to your website.

You can use your valuable time in various other important works for the progress of your business by hiring an online professional web designing company. The professional designers know the tips and tricks of developing a useful website than non-professional designers. They use all the techniques to keep your website safe from hackers and other security problems.

They can provide specially designed web designs for your website on the basis of their experience and expertise of many years in this field. They can help you in developing CMS systems, templates and blogs for your website so that you can update it yourself whenever needed in future.

So even if you and choose a template, skinned or bespoke blog for your website but working with an experienced and professional web designer to get useful web design can be the best investment you can make in your business. A web designer who designs a responsive website can be more affordable than a web designer who charges less to provide an ordinary website. You can get the value of your money by spending it on an experienced web designer.