Express Yourself With WordPress

WordPress is a content management system which has given each and every user the freedom to express and write. Blogging is the new way of expressing your thoughts and ideas with the world and thus WordPress provides it to its users. WordPress allows hiding the code and making it simple for the developers to develop their websites. Various features of WordPress makes it popular and leading blogging site in the world. WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike little and released publicly on May 27, 2003. It includes the languages PHP and My SQL being used also is a fee to sign in and open an account. As you have an app along with its website similar is WordPress. The version that can be downloaded is and the site or service is

What WordPress provides?


Themes available are free and premium. Themes enable you to change the look of your website whenever you want to. Themes can be changed as per the user’s decisions and without even touching the code. Premium themes need to be bought by paying to WordPress. If the user wants to create his or her own theme this is also an enabled function provided by WordPress. The Appearance tool dashboard enables changing and modifying of the themes in your page and site.


WordPress is a game and plugins are the cheat codes if know how and where to use them well then you will be the ultimate winner. WordPress has moreover 50,316 plugins available. WordPress gives you the opportunity to add and create your own plugin also. Plugins are the add-ons and customization to increase the performance of your blog and website.


Desktop mode is good but what about the mobile view. WordPress has been developed and released for mobile. For the operating systems like IOS and Android WordPress versions are released.


WordPress provides you to know the product well in and out. It enables this via forums and documentation. The support page tells you in detail and step by step the process to install WordPress and how to make the most out of it.


WordPress allows you as a user to help them in their beta testing where you can become a tester and give the feedback about the bugs and how can the version released can be improved and what changes it needs.